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A new year has kicked in and lots of changes have occurred to keep me busy enough that I have not had much time for this adventure in blogging. I started a new gig in the IT world at a large worldwide organization and have been quite busy.

It was a great Christmas with some special surprises, mostly from that boy of mine.

My wife has a wooden sign which hangs in our kitchen that she purchased at a craft fair. This “sign” is painted with one of those chalky gray paints, to simulate an antique ambience I presume, and it is emboldened with the caption “WELL SHIT…”.

This embodies her spirit as those words breach her lips quite often. Usually during some sort of mishap or another.

My son, like most kids his ripe old age of 6, is crazy about Christmas. He spent a lot of time making ornaments out of all kinds of things, including cardboard wrapping paper rolls, toilet paper rolls, and boxes. Many of these items ended up wrapped up as gifts to family members.

There were even a couple empty boxes he had to wrap as soon as the tree was put up, for decoration of course. One certainly cannot have a Christmas tree with no presents under it!

One may understand my amazement when Christmas morning I was handed a gift from him that was wrapped with my name on it. I fully expected it to be either an empty box or some sort of craft ornament he had manufactured.

To my amazement, and eventually everyone in attendance for the festivities, I unwrapped a piece of wood with bright red lettering embossed upon it.

I had an idea of what it said, but asked my son, “Cam Carter, what does this say?”.

He leaned over close and in a low, but perfectly clear voice, “well shit, just like mommy’s and I made it so we would have one to hang down in the shop”.

We have a small woodworking shop in part of the unfinished basement. He loves to go down there and build things, and I admit that I enjoy it as well.

Of course my first response to him was “you know your not supposed to say that word, right?” Fully expecting the answer I was about to receive, I got “well you asked me what it said”. This was true.

Everyone had a great laugh over this and a great Christmas was had by all! Memories were made.

Well shit…time to hit the gym and go to work!

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