Another year…

I am not sure why I keep this domain and page as I never seem to have time to blog about anything. I am generally too busy doing, than having the time to write.

I recently started a new adventure into fox body ownership that has been soaking up my time. This is good time spent, because my 9 year old son helps work on it and is absolutely crazy about that car.

Then there is the guitar playing, the hunting, and fishing that will consume my time. It is that time of year. The catfish will be biting heavy for winter and bow season just started in Missouri.

Work wise, I have noticed a trend lately with having done a few interviews. They call it a technical interview where I presume they sit around taking up copious amounts of time to come up with questions about obscure parameters and settings. Asking about how things were done 15-20 years ago, like that really matters when technology is constantly evolving. Asking about topics that I was open and upfront about not performing in years. What good does any of that serve?

15-20 years ago was no longer germane 14-19 years ago. Something someone did 10 years ago will not be present in their memory, yet they have the background to do a quick review and pick it back up quickly.

This makes one wonder, why are they asking me these types of questions? Questions about parameters in Oracle that are seldom used, if ever, and various other obscurities.

Is it because I am a published author? Because I have been at the Director level? Are they just generally threatened by my background and somehow feel it inflates their self worth to ask me something out of left field that many would never run across? To then go back and proclaim I am not technical enough?

Or, could it be they themselves are very familiar with obscure Oracle parameters because they screw things up a lot and try different bandaid fixes? It certainly makes one wonder.

One thing I have found throughout a varied career is that when one is thorough with analysis and best practices, they don’t need to be familiar with obscure parameters to mask their f’ups.

Having spent many years in the tech industry in differing areas, leveraging many different technologies, and adopting new ones on the fly, my career is one of proven adaptability and technical proficiency. Yet, I am not technically proficient?

Ehhhh….whatever the case, it’s not worth any synapses to analyze other than my interpretation that these are not places I want to work or people I want to work with, and it’s better to find out sooner than later.

Guitar time is more productive, here’s a little fun I recently had during an impromptu jam with my cousin and his band….improvisation is good for the soul….lol

BTW, I’m the non-technical guy in the red RedHat hat! 😉

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