Buh-bye Apple News

In recent years I have become an Apple convert, starting with the iPhone. I must say the iPhone has been very dependable, which is much more than I can say about the Android phones that I had been using for several years.

Every single Android device over many years essentially failed right at the time for contract renewal. Convenient? Yes. Coincidence? Probably, just not well made. On the other hand my iPhone has been going strong for over 4 years now.

Unlike the babied Android devices, this iPhone has been in the middle of a bonfire (I had to peel the melted bubbling case off), dropped out of tree stands during bow season, and various other instances of abuse. It still works, in fact it works great!

The only caveat, I now have an iPad as well as an iPhone, is that I have seen Apple News become more and more grotesquely looney tunes left wing liberal trash in the articles that it presents. There are supposed to be settings and personal preferences on the news one wishes to receive, however I am finding that this is just a vague attempt at pandering user choice and configuration when in fact there is none.

I have deleted Apple News from both of my devices and I am much happier for it. What happened to real news and real reporting? I recall when reporters would tell the news, with facts and no bias, and let the public decide what they thought of it. This gets us to the difference between the liberal lunacy and the more conservative freedom loving American.

This is where I may lose some readership or followers as I am coming out of the closet in my blog. Yes! I am a Constitutional Conservative! There, I said it. I am not Republican, Democrat, or anything else and the reason being is that I am first and foremost an American. I believe in freedom, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the sovereign rights of the United States as well as the individual citizen.

The difference between a conservative and a liberal is very easy to define. A conservative wants to be free and left alone, doesn’t care what anyone else believes, how they live their life, and etc. Most importantly, they do not wish to, nor try to, force their beliefs on anyone else.

The liberal on the other hand is the polar opposite. They want to tell everyone how to think, what to think, and force their viewpoints down everyone’s throat all the while espousing socialist agendas. If one does not share those viewpoints they are then attacked, called racists, bigots, and etc.

The media is guilty of becoming the vehicle for much of this gibberish in one sided delivery. Apple News has grown to be just as bad, if not worse, than CNN. This is why Apple News is no longer on any of my Apple devices.

I actually read an article in STL Today recently that was the last straw and propagated today’s blog entry, and to some extent the removal of Apple News from my devices. The removal was coming either way.

It was an article about Times Beach, my home town before it was obliterated. The article contained a picture of my Grandmother, someone I wish that I had told more often how awesome she was when she was still alive, and one of my uncles. The news photographer snapped a photo of them standing near a camper and the article claimed that they were living in said camper roadside for months after the flood.

The article claimed the month of May as the time frame of the photograph. The camper was a different uncle’s equipment trailer for his band and they were not living in it. The only thing true about any of this was that they had my Grandmother’s and my uncle’s name correct.

I have now garnered about as much faith in the news media as I have in politicians and it irritates me to see my family used to peddle fodder. Buh-bye now Apple News…

My Grandmother, Billy Jo Adams, and Uncle Cam, the photo in question.

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