That time of year

Haven’t posted in a while, but it’s my favorite time of year again! Nope, not winter, but bow season! It recharges the batteries and cleanses the soul to go sit in the woods for hours.

A couple weeks ago I picked up my son after spending a morning deer hunting and we were headed home when he pronounced, “Daddy I want to go deer hunting with you”.

This elicited a short exchange as follows:

Me: “You do? You mean go gun hunting in a couple weeks for firearm season?”

Cam Carter: “Yup!”

Me: “Well, okay then. I guess I can get my firearm season tags and we can go sit in the blind”

Cam Carter: “Noooooooo, the blind is for turkey hunting. I want to hunt deer in the trees with you!”

Me: “You do?”

Cam Carter: “Yes!”

Me: “Don’t you maybe want to wait a year to two when you are bigger?”

Cam Carter: “I am bigger”

Me: “Well, okay we’ll see what we can do then”

I haven’t hunted firearm season in many years, however a little boy has decided to change that this year, because he wants to go deer hunting with me, in the trees. My 6 year old son say’s he wants to go hunting, so guess what is going to happen.

We purchased a two man ladder stand and spent the better part of yesterday assembling it and then setting it put up in the woods. Safety is always first, so we also setup two safety lines.

My preference is to use a climber, but my preference is also to hunt with bow and arrow, but tantamount to everything is to bring that boy up right. If he wants to get out to enjoy the outdoors in order to learn about the woods and hunting skills, then I guess I am doing something right.

A weekday off, expecting snow, and the temperature is dropping, so it’s time to hit the woods.

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