A Review!

It has been very hectic lately and I have not had time to blog, however I received a very positive review of my book, Migrating to MariaDB, on Amazon yesterday. This is something worth blogging about!

I am sure there will be negatives as well as positives, but the thing that struck me with this post is that the person got it! They highlighted precisely the things that I was trying to accomplish in regards to the book. That is in and of itself a reward worth blogging about.

I started the project with the goal of explaining and providing insight into how I approached the migration from an Oracle DBMS driven environment to one that is driven by the Open Source DBMS MariaDB. Starting with the requirements analysis for a replacement DBMS solution, sample configurations to get a MariaDB instance setup quickly, and providing sample PL/SQL code for migrating the data.

I am ecstatic that this was accomplished and validated by the reviewer. It has truly made my day!

As soon as the smoke clears a little I have several blog topics to post on related to MariaDB…

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