Migrating to MariaDB Released

I am happy to announce that my very first book, Migrating to MariaDB, has been officially released by Apress! Having worked many years in the tech sector not once did I ever contemplate that this lay in wait for my future. I did enjoy writing classes in school, however becoming an author never made its way into conscious thought.

The book consists of a case study on the drivers for change that goaded a fictional small company to migrate from the closed source proprietary Oracle DBMS to the MariaDB OSDBMS, Open Source – DBMS.

The first few chapters revolve around requirements and cost analysis, compliance standards and requirements, and ultimately planning such a huge undertaking as well as using the project as a catalyst for change.

The remaining chapters culminate in how to get a MariaDB footprint up quickly along with examples showing how data can be migrated fairly easily. The samples can be easily modified to account for larger and differing datasets making the process fairly painless.

This work is not a deep technical dive into MariaDB, but more so a proven path using standard methodologies that work when employed to mitigate the risks involved. There will be a MariaDB technical deep dive in the future with my next authored work that I hope presents itself to the reader later this year.

A huge thank you to everyone that helped to make this book happen. I sincerely hope it helps someone in their technological journey and in considering open source solutions as viable alternatives.

William Wood

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