MariaDB OpenWorks 2019

The 2019 MariaDB Conference is just around the corner!

I am very excited about the conference next week at the Conrad Hotel in New York. Last year’s event was outstanding and I expect this year to surpass 2018 leaving it in the dust. The conference has been re-branded to be called “OpenWorks” and one cannot pick a better title, because Open Source Works! I can attest to it!

I have recently been working on some improvements to our MariaDB deployment architecture the past few weeks that will take down time in a Disaster Recovery scenario down to almost nothing with co-location failover using replication. These are some huge changes in comparison to what has been done in the past.

My new book, Migrating to MariaDB, came out earlier this month. It covers migrating from the Oracle closed source proprietary solution to MariaDB from potential solution evaluation to migrating the data. I am hoping that this will be a very exciting year and am very stoked about the conference!

Work has already begun on the next book that will be more of a technical deep dive on MariaDB, with more advanced deployments, usage scenarios, and I hope it will be out later this year. The next book will pick up where Migrating to MariaDB left off in regards to diving deeper into the architecture of the solution with Maxscale, hybrid replication, and much more.

I hope to blog about the conference A LOT while in attendance as well as roll out some blog posts in the near future on the work that I have been doing so far this year!

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