Derby Time

Time for some bragging rights, Cam Carter competed in his packs’ Pinewood Derby yesterday. Not bragging rights because he placed receiving a trophy, but for his ingenuity and aptitude.

On the podium with his pack buddies.

This is a great father and son activity for him and I. He has the ideas, I help him with cutting and shaping when sharp or mechanical tools are required, he does the sanding, painting, color choices, and etc. Then I help again with final assembly and preparations. It’s fun!

If one were to look at his car designs over the past 4 years the consecutive evolution is evident.

He took this a bit further this year and built his own test track with a functional release! On his own, his idea, his mechanical aptitude, he cut the slots in the track, used the box from his track to house the mechanical release.

I had no involvement in this endeavor at all! Except the purchase of a long wooden dowel and of course the track that was purchase a year ago. I was the financial backer kept in the dark for these machinations and told he needed to build something, not even knowing the two items were related.

The kid is always building something.

I am not just proud of him, this kid impresses me!

4 years of derby entries.
Release mechanism, glad no fingers or hands were cut during this endeavor.
The track in action.

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