Employment Gap?

Having been working with and talking to many different recruiters in the new year, it seems funny that this question is still being asked.

I have been doing mostly consulting/contract work for several years now, which is all over my resume. In this line of work there is always the potential for employment gaps.

One contract ends and another one is not always available, however one must also look at other knowns in the current time frame.

November through to January is generally a slow time for most organizations to do any onboarding of new employees. In most cases jobs begin to open back up after the new year begins.

This year has another variable, the economy. The current economic state has particularly struck the Tech sector with major layoffs. Not to mention inflation and the globe being in a state of disarray.

Is an employment gap really a valid question during a pre-employment screening? Not only in the current times, but ever?

It seems superficial and potentially invasive of privacy. A new mother who takes some time off. Someone who has a medical problem.

What about someone who’s last contract ended at an inconvenient time of year that happened to occur during an economic downturn?

Wouldn’t the more appropriate question be: “I see you’ve been out of the workforce for a while, are you ready to get back to it? Is there any hesitation or any blockers that you foresee?”

At least that’s my opinion, as tendentious as it may or may not be.

Happy Friday!!! Pinewood derby time is getting near, so I will be spending the weekend helping my 9 year old son wrap up his gravity powered hotrod!

The time spent with him is more important than anything I can ever do, however I am ready to get back to it.

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