Merry Christmas

I have pondered a superfluous number of topics to write about this week. None of them are positive.

Each time I have started to blog this week, the words of my grandfather have come to mind, “Skeeter, if you don’t have anything nice to say, just keep quiet”. He would more often iterate, “Skeeter, you can’t teach common sense and you can’t fix stupid, so use your time and spend your efforts wisely”.

Those words have come to mind due to the time of year as I ponder the state of our country, our economy, and the fact that the entire world seems to have lost its frigging mind.

It would seem that maybe we all need to turn off, tune out, disconnect, and enjoy this time with our family and friends.

After the holidays, there will be lots to do and many topics to address.

For now, a very Merry Christmas to ALL!

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