The Life of Why

Why? It is an oft erupting question that perseveres throughout our lives on this planet as it hurtles through space and time. It is in human nature to be curious, to ask why.

From the child asking why the sky is blue to the scientist’s curiosity to form hypothesis, we seek answers. Life is filled with this little one word question, a life of why, if you will. Occasionally we find the answers, other times we do not, and yet sometimes we regret seeking the answers when we find them. There are also times that we ask why, already knowing the answer is infinitely elusive.

I was taken back in retrospect to my college days recently over a tragic event. I met a lifelong friend while attending the University of Missouri Rolla, one who has become like family. Like family members sometimes do, we don’t stay in touch as often as we probably should, yet when we do catch up it’s as if no time has passed.

He was married not long after college to a great girl. I found that the same relationship evolved with her as she seemed to accept me into the fold in the same manner. I did not see her or talk to her for long stretches, but as with my friend, when the opportunity arose, we caught up right where we left off.

They went on to have three beautiful girls and what was in all respect a happy family experiencing the American Dream. While my friend became an Engineer she pursued her own accomplishments in the education field.

She was a selfless educator with her eye on the administrative side. She wanted to make a difference, to have an impact, loved kids, and loved her work. She did this with zest and was hugely successful, many who know her will attest. She worked hard to accomplish those goals.

She was a good person, a great person, that touched many lives and just after Christmas, December 30th 2022, she posted a heartfelt note on Facebook regarding a cancer diagnosis. I saw the post and reached out to offer any help needed at any time. I also began making plans to drive down for a visit, however I knew their lives were being upended and wanted to give them some time.

January 4th 2023 Amy was gone.

She leaves behind the best friend I have ever had the pleasure of knowing, three wonderful daughters, family members, many friends, and a vast legacy of lives she touched in a positive way.

I am deeply saddened and heartbroken for my friend and their daughters.

The omniscient question arises, why. Why her? Why does my friend, and importantly the girls, have to go through this? Why wasn’t there more time? Why…why…why…

I do not have the answers, only a fool would claim to, however we are all better off having known her and there is absolutely no question in that fact.

I also believe the answers to lie somewhere in that fact.

She will be greatly missed…

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