OpenWorks MariaDB 2019

As the conference is starting to wind down I wanted to share a few things.

Big announcements and strides for MariaDB with the addition of Clustrix, X3 offering capable of both transactional and analytical work loads, new capabilities looming with Maxscale, and machine learning on the horizon for MariaDB.

Partnering with huge players in the tech industry MariaDB is continuously enhancing, improving, and expanding their capabilities and offerings with no sign of letting up on the horizon.

From an organizational standpoint, they are building not just customers, but business relationships and partnerships as well as a very strong Open Source Database community. The MariaDB staff in its entirety exude this. That is priceless.

I have had interactions with representatives of not to be named proprietary DBMS providers that upon hearing about us migrating from their system to MariaDB and the thing that each one of them said in a snarkastic manner was “Good Luck. Let us know if you need us”. Luck doesn’t appear to have anything to do with it.

For the record, in my opinion OpenWorks 2019 has been an outstanding success.

Looking forward to 2020 MariaDB!

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