MariaDB Announces 10.4RC

Attending the MariaDB OpenWorks in NYC and they have announced a release candidate for 10.4.

We have already been working hard to prepare for its release for some time as it contains fixes for the Pam RSA plugin. It also includes the MariaDB implementation of sequences that work very similar to Oracle sequences!

Sequences for MariaDB has been around since 10.3, however we haven’t seen the need to upgrade until the PAM fix with 10.4. Using multi-token authentication is a requirement when working with secure data and compliance standards, so being able to use it reliably is huge for us.

Prior to 10.3 MariaDB did not support sequences as we know them from the Oracle side of the DBMS world. Our application relied heavily enough on sequences that when we started with MariaDB 10.1 I wrote our own in-house sequencing processes.

Hindsight being 20/20, I probably should have chosen different naming conventions, because this kept us from upgrading to 10.3. MariaDB sequences included nextval(), which we already had defined. With 10.4 it became necessary to rename our own version of nextval().

We started renaming our in-house functions a couple months ago, so “timing is everything” as they say!

#mariadb #MariaDBOpenWorks

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