Migrating to MariaDB is off to Production

As I am sitting here having my coffee and getting mentally prepared to go sit in the woods for a good day of bow hunting I am doing a bit of self-reflection. I just did the final author sign off on a book, one that I wrote. That is freaking crazy, anyone who has known me would probably think that this is just as crazy as I do, some probably more. Of course I tend to not let much of anyone really get to know me, some think they do, but thats all part of the charade…..lol
I don’t know if the book is any good or if it will even sell any copies. I mean it is technical material, its not like it will win an award or be made into a movie. I just hope someone gets some ideas from it and it helps them along their technology journey. I approached it a little differently than most technical books by telling a little bit of a story. It seemed the best way to approach the reasoning behind moving from a proprietary closed source DBMS to an Open Source DBMS(OSDBMS).
It tells the story of a fictitious DBA that goes about the task fundamentally changing the database landscape at a small fictitious company before getting into the more nitty gritty of setting up MariaDB Replication, MariaDB Galera Clustering, evaluating solutions for improvement work in the process, and of course making the data move from Oracle to MariaDB, even providing sample stored procedures for dumping the data and how to import it. The events in this book are not based on fact or any one person, except for the work involved which really happened.
I got hung up on a few spots because I did not have server resources available for testing, screenshots, and etc. I have since retrofitted a home workstation as a server with various virtual machines as I am bouncing around the possibility of the next work. The next one will be strictly a technical deep dive into MariaDB with no story just a straight dry sticking to the facts technical work.
Anyhow, its time to make the widgets…..well actually on this day….its time for some much needed relax time in the woods with my PSE and nature!

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