Side Hustle

I have been asked a few times regarding what I’ve been doing since my last contract ended. The answer is, A LOT.

I’ve even been doing some training seminars on database topics, such as snowflake and various technologies. Trying to stay relevant.

If you read one of my slightly older blog entries I discuss a particular bathroom remodel, so working on my house with multiple projects.

I started a new book, a work of fiction this time instead of technical topics. Approximately 30 chapters in, yes, it will be a novel, however who knows what will come of it. I hear fiction is hard to break into, however I have been writing with less blogging.

Doing some wood working projects, Wood working with wood, oh the irony in choice of a new side hustle.

I built a nice planter bench for my wife. It had a planned home in front of our bay window to provide a home for various house plants, erbs, and spices.

It needed to be sturdy, so I used some fancy joinery techniques. There is not a single nail or screw in the entire piece.

Main frame joinery
Final coat of varnish

The planter bench employs advanced joinery to satisfy the largest potted plants. It consists of three different woods: Maple, Padauk, and Black Walnut.

In its new home

This was by far the biggest project, however I have also created a lot of smaller projects such as trivets, coasters, and plaques for revenue.

Here is a combination trivet and plaque that I made for a member of the Washington Missouri Blues Society.

WashMo Blues

As well, here are some sample coaster projects:

Curly Maple Monogramed coasters and coaster rack
Finished monogram coaster set in Oak
Whitetail deer coaster set in Oak
‘66 Mustang plaque
Yin-Yang dragon 10” trivet

That’s a sampling of what I have been doing since my last contract ended, however I am ready to get back to the tech sector and my career. Economy and opportunity willing of course.

Both have been a little bleak and discouraging, however hopefully that changes soon.

Anyone else having the pleasure of having 20 years of a varied career showing a track record of rapidly picking up new tech, increased responsibilities, and accomplishments summarily dismissed over not having specific experience with some app?

Speaking of the side hustle, I had never done CAM/CAD design, used that type of software, or done GRBL coding, ever.

I downloaded the software, installed it, and 2 hours later made my first sellable woodworking project on a CNC router.

On the flip side I get skipped over for jobs because I have never used a certain software product.

The irony…

A fickle industry, it’s like not hiring a carpenter with 20 years of experience because your company uses strictly Estwing hammers, and he has historically only used Dalluge.

It’s the experience and ability of the candidates, not the tool, tools can be picked up rapidly and used by the right candidate.

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