The thing that drew me to work in the tech industry was the perpetual learning. Easily bored, it is the perfect vehicle for my thirst for knowledge, analytical proclivities, problem solving skills, and creativity.

As I re-entered the job market it has also been a learning experience. Things have obviously changed in the past 10 years. One of the new things that I read about was “ghosting”, which apparently has no bounds nor is it one sided.

The first time I ran into the topic of ghosting was an article that presented it from the point of view that a lot of employees, or potential employees, were doing this to employers and recruiters. From my own experience of late, this is being done by all sides. Even recruiters, which I am sure are very busy and operate in a very fast paced arena.

For the uninitiated, ghosting is similar to disappearing. Not answering or returning phone calls, texts, emails, and etc. Ghosting has apparently become common place in the employment process, hauntingly if you will.

One must wonder, is this systemic with the younger generations of the digital age and the growing disconnect with personal interactions. Could it just be rude…


One thought on “Ghosting

  1. Jeff Traigle

    From my experience, it’s not really new. Recruiters particularly would always drop from sight if I wasn’t interested in what they had to present at the moment. Opening your resume for the Internet to see gets you all sorts of off the wall “matches” from recruiters who don’t read anything beyond the fact that a keyword or two was found. Those get ignored immediately with no reply. In general, I’ve found a few good ones who stayed in touch occasionally even when they didn’t have a position for me yet, but that’s been very rare.


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