Humorous Amazon Email

As I was sitting in my office yesterday afternoon, minding my own business, I received an Amazon Prime email, not out of the ordinary, however this one aroused my curiosity as to what sort of algorithmic logic they use to drive their emails. The specific email was one of those that announce that due to one’s recent activity they have an item, sometimes multiple items, that they think you might be interested in.

I have purchased items from this type of email in the past and never really gave it much thought as they were related to something else I had purchased and the price was right. This time the response was entirely different and I am surprised everyone in the building did not stop by to ask what was wrong or what was so funny, because I literally busted out laughing in a quite boisterous manner.

Others might not find this as humorous as I did, unless of course it were to happen to them, however not wishing to rob someone else of the possibility to laugh along with me it seemed good enough to share.

I have previously posted that I have authored a book on migrating from Oracle to MariaDB, Migrating to MariaDB from Apress Publishing. This was my first endeavor into the realm of the written word and something that I had never had so much as a fleeting thought about doing. This book project was the catalyst for me to start this blog after being in the tech sector for so long.

Back to the email that prompted this blog entry, it seems that due to my recent activity that Amazon Prime decided that they had something worth emailing me about that I might be really interested in purchasing. This item turned out to be my very own book: Migrating to MariaDB by none other than William Wood….LOL

I am still laughing each time it crosses my mind and as I am writing about it. My guess is that the logic they are using does not differentiate that William C Wood is also William Wood, and furthermore I am certain that there are many people with doppelgänger names out there that match other authors, so maybe it isn’t that funny after all, except to me.

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