Book Done! Migrating to MariaDB

Finished up my first ever book today!

The title is “Migrating to MariaDB” and is on it’s way to publishing at Apress.

It is about a fictitious leader of a DBA team at a small fictitious company that has a new database driven software product that in order to be successful needs a secure and more economically feasible database solution. For almost 2 decades they had been using the costly closed proprietary Oracle RAC implementation as their solution, however it just did not fit from a fiscally responsible and lower cost feasibility standpoint, so they began to investigate other solutions.

Most of the solutions they looked at initially were all just as costly as Oracle, although they used differing methodologies to arrive at their costs they were almost identical. Then in 2015 MariaDB announced encryption at rest for their latest version 10.1, so they took a hard look at it and migrated away from Oracle to an open source solution that came from the community.

In essence, the book describes the very nature of the work that I have been involved in over the past couple years in migrating away from the high cost closed proprietary Oracle RAC DBMS deployment to a MariaDB Galera Cluster implementation.

This is my first book and I never thought I would do anything like this, it has definitely been an adventure. Finding the time, between a chaotically busy career and family has been very hard for me as well as a learning lesson. If I ever do this again, I will write the book first, submit the idea to the publisher and if they choose to publish it say, “Okay, here it is!”. The awesome folks at Apress have been very patient as I have grown through this challenge and deserve a warm “Thank You!”.

The very nature of this is why I have finally chosen to start a blog after all these years in the technology sector. That and telling some funny stories about fatherhood and that lovable crazy son that I am blessed with.

The idea here is to start off with weekly blog entries as I highlight some of the things in my career in the DBA field as well.

Stay tuned, there will be DBA topics coming….as well as more family stories….either way its never a dull moment.