The JOB Market

As I enter the new year looking for the next challenge and opportunity there are some observations gleamed in the past couple months. Ghosting, it seems to be more and more prevalent. Dare I say that it is occasionally being used as a salary negotiation tactic.

The strategy here being that if a potential employee is out of work, however has salary requirements, why not wait a few months and get them for less. I’ll admit, this could be a bargaining chip, one where you are trying to kick someone when they are down. Is that how one arrives at obtaining long term employees expected to bring value to an organization? Is it a good way to establish a working relationship?

This may just work for an employer, a short term, short sighted employer that is. What do you think an employee hired under this guise is going to do when the first gig comes along that piques their interest and offers them a salary that corresponds to their experience and capability? One can easily foresee 2 weeks notice being provided to that employer at the earliest opportunity.

There is also the flip side that the potential employee realizes exactly what is going on, continues searching, and recuses themself from even considering the position of working with you in the future. There are more fish in the sea as they say.

Another question that comes to mind, is LinkedIn vetting recruiters? With some of the tech layoffs of late there seems to be some less than desirable recruiters preying on folks who are already disadvantaged by being unemployed.

There also seems to be “insurance” companies reaching out claiming they reviewed your work history and believe you would be a great fit for a position, a position in sales selling questionable insurance policies. Even more questionable by their recruiting practices.

Circling back to the recruiter vetting, this should be fairly common knowledge, however performing my good deed for the day, if a recruiter starts off asking for PII beyond name and location it should raise some flags.

Back to my hunt..

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