Missouri Wind

The winds over the past couple weeks here in Missouri have been relentless. Usually my son and I get the jet boat out for some October catfishing adventures, not this year other than one day when he didn’t have school. Ever tried to keep a boat anchored still in a driving wind?

The wind can also make an arrow do some aerial acrobatics that seem beyond physics. Bowhunting is regulated to deep valleys and draws. The wind has limited that as well.

The philosophical side of wind is that it brings change. Sometimes it is wanted, sometimes it is needed, and many times it is a unknowingly needed. I generally enjoy those types of winds, the winds of change.

Maybe it’s a new chapter in life bringing with it a chance for new opportunities and experiences.

This unrelenting act of Mother Nature the past week or so is neither. As I sat in the driveway putting new brakes on the front of the BMW, having to dig for tools and parts periodically as they were quickly covered with the constant barrage of fall leaves whipping through the air, it was quite irritating.

Feeling an itch in my ear only to find a piece of a leaf, I thought to myself what are the odds as I realized the winds of change are of exponentially greater enjoyment.

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