Truth, what is truth? It seems that the definition of truth has gone through a euphemistic change somehow in recent times, leaving out such related terms as fact and reality in it’s implementation. Truth has become heavily marginalized, obfuscated, and bastardized to the point that one must question the truth behind what is truly the truth. It is as though language, word’s, and even expressions are under some sort of barrage.

  • truth
    • the quality or state of being true
    • that which is true or in accordance with fact or reality
    • fact or idea that is accepted as true

One need not engage in exhaustive research to find that in recent years many words, and phrases, have taken on new meaning and context. Often times these adaptations are used in order to frame a situation, to spin a story, and to modify context into a state of triviality.

“I did not have sexual relations with that woman.”

That statement, by none other than a sitting president, is when I began to notice this change in the meaning and context of words and phrases becoming open to interpretation. When this statement was juxtapositioned with reality it was dismissed as being “just oral sex”. One can only come to the summation that the word sex in the phrase “oral sex” is purely circumstantial coincidence at best in regards to “sexual relations”.

Politicians lie after all, it is part of what they do in order to get elected. It is what they do to obtain power and to retain power. Power once attained is never easily relinquished, and that is a truth by real definition.

The past few years have introduced a new form of truth. Truth is now not only open to interpretation, but it can now be open to interpretation being labeled at the individual level, arbitray of the constraints of the definition of truth. If one refuses to play along with that individual’s truth they become racist, bigots, and various other derogatory labels proclaiming them as poor examples of human beings.

In one example, if a human being is born a male, however chooses to live life as a female, being a female is their truth. If one fails to play along with this person’s truth, then all stops are pulled in regards to making them pay for not acknowledging this truth. They must pay at a personal, career, monetary, and public level for such atrocities as not obeying this truth.

Is it true that someone born a male, yet chooses to live their life as a female, is actually a female? Or is the truth that this is a male choosing to live life as a female? Pretending? Living out a fantasy? The reader is left to contemplate this truth.

Apparently the truth is open to widely interpretable circumstance where one must navigate it correctly or be suspect these days, and questioning these new forms of truth is certainly not allowed. Questioning government run amuck with criminal and rampant acts of treason is not allowed, after all the truth is they have all the citizen’s and the country’s best interests in mind. An identical level of thought has recently migrated to school boards where they have the student’s best interest in mind. That’s their truth anyhow.

Should someone be demonized, attacked, scorned, and made to suffer for the sole reason they will not go along with someone else’s fantasy? Scorned for not joining in with the role playing if you will? Fantasies seem to be rampant these days, is it Harry Potter’s fault? Maybe some vampires from Washington state?

In what reality is this country fine, that it is economically sound, that adding trillions more to its national debt is sound economic advice, that allowing it to be invaded by foreign nationals in order to attemp nullifying the vote of the citizens is the right thing to do, and that all elections should be managed by those in charge of that same government? Many questions regarding the United States of America exist in this context, they seem to multiply daily, and none of the answers are cogent.

One could interpret this as a war being waged. A war against words. A war against phrases. A war against reality. A war against common sense. A war against this country. A war against truth.

The question that demands to be asked, are all these war’s being waged by the same army?

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