The problem with looking at our society, and our country, as a “Collective Society” (in the old days they would call this Communism/Marxism/Nazi-ism) is that the loss and sacrifice of a human life is acceptable for said collective. If the collective chooses to sacrifice you at its own best interest, well that’s just too bad. Great system for those choosing the sacrificial lambs, not so much for the rest.

Whether the actions are truly for the best interest of society, or for those who want to maintain or impart control of society, it is all the same in an impersonal collectivist society that abhors the freedom and identity of the individual. Mask anyone?

There are those who want us to be injected with an experimental substance, one that appears to not really be that effective, so that they will feel safer. There are claims that it lessons the symptoms, subjective claims at best. I am sure that those who received all the available shots and ended up dying would be more than happy to attest. If we do not want to have ourselves injected with this experimental concoction, then there are those who want us to be fired from our jobs, for us to have no access to healthcare, and essentially to make us suffer in any way possible for their own benefit in seeking a false sense of security.

They are obviously just fine if any of us were to be one of the statistics who suffer a fatal reaction to said substance and die, or have long term health issues, yet they call us selfish, they call us non-empathetic, and claim we have no compassion. Not to mention the unknown regarding potential long term side effects of said vaccines, for which those peddling this have granted themselves immunity.

We have Supreme Court Justices espousing claims that 750,000,000 Americans tested positive for COVID just yesterday when the population of the country is 330,000,000. Some may still believe this.

A claim that 100,000 children are laying in hospitals dying on ventilators, when global statistics validate that children are largely not affected. Some may still believe this.

Another justice thinks OSHA and government has a right to mandate people just like machines. Including forced injections? What’s next sterilization?

There are claims that hospitals are overflowing with the sick and dying from the Omicron variant. Statistics support that it is little more than a common cold. Some may still believe this.

Could this be nature’s vaccine for the more deadly forms of the virus?

Some may know that the common cold has historically been caused by viruses. Of the viruses that cause the common cold, the Rhinovirus is responsible for most, however did you know that the Coronavirus is responsible as well? Is it cold and flu season?

I don’t know what should worry citizens of this country more. These people presenting themselves in an official capacity making these audacious claims and their reasons for doing so, or the uninformed who believe them.

Even more concerning are those willing to give up their freedoms and rights for a little perception of safety from something that has systematically been hijacked for political purpose using falsehoods, skewed statistics, and downright lies.

Was there a dangerous contagion released upon the world, the answer is undoubtedly yes. Was it a biologically engineered form of an existing contagion, also the answer is yes.

Who is to blame, and why, is not answered by attacking and vilifying those who refuse an experimental vaccine and refuse to have said foreign substance injected into their bodies. Especially a reported vaccine that may or may not work and may or may not really lesson the results if you get it, arbitrary of vaccination status.

Doing so and getting a portion of the populace to go along with that agenda is nothing more than slight of hand deflection of everyone’s attention.

Some may call this politics, however one thing is certain in that this is not politics, it is criminal and treasonous.

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