A Republic, If you can keep it

The immortal words of Benjamin Franklin are more important today than ever before as we seem to be speedily heading towards a great precipice. The Bill of Rights are facing a continuous onslaught by those who wish to pervert them to fit an agenda that ends the sanctity and sovereignty of this great nation. In this time, it is very important that we Americans make a united front against this type of infringement upon our individual rights.

Looking at what is currently happening in Virginia is a case in point, the governor is trying to shove his beliefs down the throats of the citizens. Everything he is doing goes against the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and the rights guaranteed therein. This is tyranny in its infancy and will only get worse if allowed to go unchecked.

Guns, certain types of guns, bullets, and magazine sizes having nothing to do with any of the recent tragedies in the past few decades. Tragedies that are being exploited to push an anti-American and anti-Constitutional policy of the disarming of the citizens of this country.

None of these inanimate objects are to blame, what is to blame is societal problems, mental health issues, the way many kids are being raised these days, the lack of discipline, and/or the ability to do so without being threatened with some government agency or law enforcement. The media’s exploitation of these tragedies and their overzealous reporting that allows sick minded individuals to get exactly what they want, which is publicity, notoriety, with each one trying to best the other is tantamount.

The excuse that nobody needs more than a 10 round magazine to hunt deer, turkey, and other wildlife is being floated around quite eloquently, but please read the 2nd Amendment in The Bill of Rights and point out to me where it says anything remotely about hunting. The 2nd Amendment is not about hunting, it is about protecting our Democratic Republic as citizens, and the ultimate purveyors, of said Republic, thus it is ‘we the people’ that form the stated ‘militia’ as referenced.

Not to go above and beyond or to lecture anyone on the subject, but it may be beneficial for our elected officials to realize that ‘we the people’ do understand our rights and what our government is and/or should be. That we are not a bunch of witless follow the leader idiots that elect ruling elitists, but more so an intelligent free thinking and freedom loving people who elect ‘representatives’ that are ‘supposed’ to protect our rights and have our best interests in mind. That we understand our basis of government which is a sequence of checks and balances.

We have the executive branch, the legislative, and the judicial branch, but it does not stop there and this is why the 2nd Amendment is such a target by those who would like to revoke all control from ‘we the people’ and supplant it in themselves.

To spell this out, there is the executive branch, the legislative branch, the judicial branch, AND the ‘we the people’ branch(you know, the branch nobody ever talks about or is ever taught in the required government class in the public educational system). This is the most important and strategic branch that was built in by the founders of this great nation, and it is the final check in our sequence of checks and balances in the case that the ballot box fails, is no longer trustworthy, or the election process becomes convoluted and the vote has no true meaning. For instance, bringing in millions of immigrants in order to circumvent the citizen’s votes in an illegal fashion.

You see, ‘we the people’ give the other three branches power, and if those in the other three branches conspire against ‘we the people’, the 2nd Amendment is what gives us the vehicle to revoke this set of powers to re-implement Constitutional Law and Constitutional Rights. Hopefully this will never be necessary, unless at some point some sitting president, or a group of ruling elitists, decides to declare martial law and appoint themself dictator, king, or politburo.

This is why the 2nd Amendment is under constant attack. The 1st Amendment runs a close second with the discrimination against words and history as of late.

Modern society or not, modern changes or not, this is what was intended by the original framers and our founding fathers. This cannot be changed in any way shape or form, as if it does ‘we the people’ will exist no more, our freedoms will exist no more, and our beloved Republic will exist no more. This my friends is NOT a good thing and is certainly not PROGRESS.

If anything, I hope I have caused you thought provoking reflection in the very least, if not lit a fire that may affect you in some beneficial way to protect this great country and learn more about what was intended at it’s inception. Then teach it to your children.

Reading the Articles of Confederation as well as the writings of the founding fathers would be a great start in learning the true intent and the reason why the United States is not a Democracy, but instead a Democratic Republic.

“A Constitution of Government once changed from Freedom, can never be restored. Liberty once lost, is lost forever.”

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