Going through the ITIL material and so far it appears to be a pretty good framework for IT service and development. Much of it being common sense applied in an analytical method.

In my book, Migrating to MariaDB, I alluded to my approach for projects and as it turns out the methodologies are similar in approach. Having a framework to fall back on is beneficial, but not unlike Agile methodology, one must use it to fit their situation, needs, and project. Common sense is tantamount.

I have never put much faith or time into pursuing certifications, after all just because one can answer a bunch of multiple choice questions does not mean they can apply the topic or logic in a real life situation. This happened a lot in the early days of Tech, however I believe I am warming to the thought of professional certification.

I may just go for the ITIL cert, move on to Security+, and from there who knows. The only thing that still hinders my thoughts on certification is that some are a lifelong endeavor of re-certification and testing every few years.

Technology and approaches are constantly evolving, thus common sense dictates that maybe this is a good thing as well…

So much talk of common sense reminds me of what my Grandfather use to say when I was a kid, “Skeeter, ya can’t teach common sense and ya damn sure can’t fix stupid”.

He had nicknames for all us grandkids, not sure where mine came from, maybe I was pesky like a mosquito; I don’t recall running around biting everyone or anything….lol

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