MariaDB Webinar: Migrating from Oracle

There will be an upcoming webinar on August 15th geared towards anyone targeting a focus on migrating from Oracle to MariaDB. Manjot Singh of MariaDB will be doing the heavy lifting for this webinar, however I will be helping out a bit as a real world example of making it happen.

The times will be:

  • 8:45am – 10:00am CST
  • 11:45am – 1:00pm CST

This webinar will be targeted primarily towards someone who has decided to make the transition and/or potentially someone on the fence. It will also be recorded in case one cannot attend.

Just the thought of migrating from one DBMS to another is a daunting task and just thinking about it has the capability to make some dismiss it as an unattainable folly. It is attainable, not only is it attainable, but comes with a lot of beneficial side effects.

Imagine being able to use this transition to get rid of a significant amount of technical debt, to improve existing legacy solutions, and adopt standardized processes along the way, which happens to expound upon the first two topics.

Who isn’t straddled by a significant amount of technical debt and would like to improve performance, processing times, and lesson the impact on work hours spent supporting less than ideal solutions and deployments? Thus adopting a DevOps approach to improve workflow and spend more time working on proactive solutions as a result.

All good schtuff and it all resides inside my favorite wheelhouse and toolbox.

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