The Humor in Change

I recently resigned from a long term position. It was a good gig and I was able to accomplish a lot and learn much. There were good times spent there with good people, they know who they are. The only thing I have to say about my departure is that it was time. There are no ill feelings on my part and I have nothing bad to iterate in regards to my time there, the company or anyone, and would not do so either way. It was just time.

I went to work there with the design of it being the last place I would work at, planning on retiring from there someday. I relocated back to my home state of Missouri self-funded as I couldn’t see them having to pay for my relocation since it was something I was planning and wanted to do in the first place. That is just how I am.

I have always hated starting new positions. No matter what you know, how long you have been doing it, and one’s intellect, there always seems to be the stigma of being the new person. You don’t know anything. Some people whether consciously, subconsciously, scheming, or whatever will play this to the bone, sometimes to one’s detriment.

Back to the humor. This week I submitted my resume for a position that required database programming experience. I have been a DBA for a while now, so I was quite surprised when I received an email response from the company yesterday afternoon stating that they didn’t think I had the experience for said position, however provided me a link to another open position that they felt was more “up my alley”.

To my amazement, it was a help desk position! Not that this is beneath me or that I consider myself above anything or anyone, but it reminded me of being “the new guy and not knowing anything”, but at a much higher level like I have never seen before. I wasn’t even in the door yet!

The adventures in acquiring a new job obviously appears to have morphed since my last experience. I will commend them on turn around time as I applied Wednesday afternoon and received a response on Thursday afternoon.

Anyhow, it’s time to make up for some lost time with my son who starts kindergarten this year. That is my sabbatical. To spend some much needed time with him to make up for that which was missed.

Last night he chose our adventure for today. To get the jet boat out on the river, do some fishing, and of course get on it. That boy warms my heart with these decisions.

Time to get on it!

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