Missouri DBA – modba

I figured I would take a few minutes and, yes I am going to, blog about my blog! Kind of funny, well to me it is, but I have been known to have a bit of an acerbic sense of humor at times, more often snarkastic.

The title of my site/blog was chosen for multiple reasons. I am a DBA from Missouri and my plan was to blog about more pertinent DBA topics, so a play on words if you will. Give me mo’dba!

I recently wrote a book, Migrating to MariaDB: Towards an Open Source Solution, published by Apress. I have started a second one in the series, Migrating to MariaDB: Evolution of the Solution. The book is what instigated my blog, and now my Twitter feed, both of which I am new to.

The catalyst for all of this started with evaluating replacement solutions for existing Oracle RAC deployments due to an audit, increasing costs, and a new product. Trying to future-proof the line of business for a small company in the financial sector propelled me into speaking at the MariaDB conference in 2018 and then authoring a book about the process.

My career has been varied over the years, first as a student worker for the Engineering Department as I pursued my Computer Science degree. The engineering department also designed, managed, and maintained the school’s website and I was able to get my feet wet doing some LAMP Stack database driven web development. After school I moved on to being a technical support manager, systems admin, and etc.

I did not get back to doing any true database work until I joined Product Development at Blackboard in Washington, DC. While there I was lucky enough to be involved in some very interesting work. The most memorable contribution was automating large scale Oracle database deployments. Using ANT, Perforce, shell scripting, and Perl resulted in system prep, database software install, and post prep taking 22 minutes on RHEL servers.

That was a linear time, meaning that it took 22 minutes for 1 server or 22 minutes for 100 servers. Servers running other Operating Systems were done too, however the time being not as impressive, it was still linear and saved many human hours of work.

I became the Oracle SME while with Blackboard, eventually migrating into a full time position as a database administrator back home in Saint Louis. It is always interesting how one can go from being knowledgeable and respected to not knowing anything, all in the blink of an eye, or change of employer if you will. That is a topic for an entire series of blog entries!

The tech sector is one of those areas where solutions evolve, new solutions are adopted, and everything is always in a constant flux of change. This suits me well as I become easily bored doing the same repetitive work all the time, maybe it’s the ADD.

The MariaDB Open Source database brought opportunity my way, thus one has to wonder…was I future-proofing my employer’s solution or was the emerging MariaDB solution future-proofing me…

Either way, I hope we are both around for quite some time, and MariaDB is looking pretty strong as the Gold Standard OS-DBMS.

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